Clothes for Smiles


Clothes for Smiles Movie

Novak Djokovic and UNIQLO established a fund together to help children build a better, brighter future.

About our support for UNICEF

Education Everywhere

Athletes and other professionals will visit these children to educate them on a range of topics. The “Education Everywhere” program will help children expand their horizons.

e-Education Project

The e-Education Project creates opportunities and provides hope for poor children in the developing world, to help them reach their true potential

Girls Soccer Project

Helping ambitious girls in developing nations achieve their goals by empowering them through soccer

Library Project

Libraries provide spaces in which to learn, play and dream. Shanti Volunteer Association is determined to open more libraries for children in Asia.

Shopping Experience Project

This project offers fun experiences to Serbian children who have grown up in solitary environments. It teaches them to be themselves through shopping simulations and performances.


UNIQLO DREAM WALL is designed to create a brighter future for children around the world through sports.